Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tim Holtz Grunge Book

After visiting my son in Kansas and watching him with his son after being away from him for over 8 mos. it was heartwarming watching them playing together spending time together. And the love my son has for his son, I decided to make him a little book to take back to Iraq with him. I was the only one taking pictures so now he will have some of the memories. TA DA.... what a perfect book to do it with! The grunge book will work out perfectly as it won't tear or warp etc. I'm going to try do the whole book with grunge board & grunge paper as I know it will withstand all the beating it will get (duffle bags, foot lockers, etc.) I had a little time to play today, so here is the front cover (not done yet) but I'm excited how it is turning out.
Have a good one!

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