Sunday, October 25, 2009

Grungepaper Rose Magnet

I've been making grungepaper roses again, oh how I love grungepaper!!!!
I have been making the roses and adhering them to magnets, I plan on giving a few of these at Christmas time. Try them, very easy and inexpensive! Enjoy!

Have a good one!

Fall Decor

I needed a break from the Christmas album I have been working on so while watching my grandson Jackson (after he went to sleep) I created this fall decor. The pumpkin is so fun to do! Thanks for the inspiration Wendy Vecchi!

Have a good one!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Christmas Album

When I got home from our trip I started a travel album, got the cover almost done when this Christmas album that I started about two months ago kept staring me in the face. I decided I better get that project done before I moved on to another. I don't know why but I kept starting this album then putting it aside, maybe because Christmas was so far away, now it is right around the corner! Yikes! Another inspiration to get it done might be that I finally found some Distress Stickles Rock Candy, oh my gosh is this stuff addicting! Worked perfect for some of the embellishments for the pages!! I'm determined now to get it done so I can move on to other things!

Here is the cover.....

Here is a couple of pages I used the Distress Stickles Rock Candy on.....

I might still add some lace to the bottom of the snow man one if I can find some that will match. Already started on another page so I'm on a roll!!!!!
Have a good one!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


MIA here lately! Home sweet home, it is fun to get away but feels so good to get home! Had a good time in Kansas with Shad and family! Kevin is a riot! We went to a carnival (Kevin called it a party) it was so cute! Spent a very cold rainy day at the Zoo in Salina, glad to get back in the truck and warm up! But Kevin was very excited about the pumpkin he got there! Bob had an old Navy buddy come up and visit him from Whichita and had such a nice visit he ended up coming up another day. They had a nice visit and did a lot of catching up. On our way home we stopped off at a river boat casino, nice break but of course didn't win anything! We also stopped off in Watertown, SD at a scrapbook store (I had been looking for one the whole week) and scored some distress rock candy, can't wait to get a chance to play with it!!!! It was a quick stop and I only had about 20 min. until they closed but managed to grab a few things, I got a couple of Tim Holtz masks so anxious to play with those also! Of course I came home with about 200 pictures so need to get those printed!

On Sun. I had to go see Jackson and see his new hair cut, they cut off all his curls!! Boo Hoo! Looks like a little boy now instead of a baby! They grow up way to fast! Missing Landi & family big time, haven't seen them for about 3 weeks, my limit is 2 so hope to get together with them soon!

Hope to show some projects next post.
Have a good one!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tim Holtz Inspiration-Christmas Creativity Curio

Getting to go to Shad's after all, I have a busy day ahead of me today getting ready! It is a long awaited visit!!! So looking forward to seeing him! He has been really enjoying his time off spending a lot of time with his little boy since returning from Iraq. I do feel bad I had to cancel a class I had scheduled there! But there should be a lot more visits to Kansas as they bought a house there.

Here is a little more inspiration from Tim Holtz, my Christmas Creativity Curio.

Have a good one everyone!

Monday, October 5, 2009

A little bit of Tim Holtz-A little bit of Wendy Vecchi

Monday October 5th already! Wow, where has the time gone! Very cold here, talking of snow this week, yuk!!!! Had a pretty quiet weekend, about the only thing I did was go visit Joey's family on Sat. Joey was making salsa, Heidi says they have enough now to last at least a year! lol.. They only planted two plants and got so many nice tomatoes off of them. We played a lot with Jackson, he tryed on his halloween costume for us, he looked so cute! He is going to be a puppy and says trick or treat when he wants to! He has a new saying now when something drops or doesn't go right, ohhh man! So cute!

I did get a chance to finish this project inspired by Tim Holtz.

I also was inspired by Wendy Vecchi's blog and just had to try Wendy's technique of gluing patterned paper onto grunge paper and making the rose. My first attempt was a disaster! I had glued patterned paper on the front and back and it would not do anything!!! So went back and read how she did it and found out she didn't put it on the back, so tryed again and it worked so much better! I will have to make some more of these!! Love those roses!!!

They were so much fun to make, those two are the best!

Have a good one!