Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tim Holtz Classes at Stampers Ink

Finally getting a chance to blog about my amazing journey to Stampers Ink in Kansas to attend Tim Holtz classes. Actually the car ride down there & back wasn't so amazing, detours around Omaha & Sioux City were horrible very poorly marked! Took me out in the boonies somewhere in Iowa, but I did see some beautiful countryside!! The flooding around both cities is horrible, I feel so bad for everyone dealing with the flooding, my heart goes out to you!! This is a pic of a roller coaster road I was on!!

But I did make it in time to attend the reception Fri. night at Stampers Ink. What a wonderful store, and yes I did my fare share of $ damage there!!

Waiting in line to get in on Sat. morning...

I had Tim sign the shirt I had made on my Yudu and my art journal that I have been working on.

We were to make a scrapbook page for Tim and the scrapbook was presented to Tim on Sat. I had forgotten to take a pic of it before I left so this was taken on the hotel room floor!

Tim & Mario are so generous with their time, Great evening!!

First class Sat. morning was Creative Blocks where we worked with canvas, beeswax, tissue tape & embellishments. So much fun, I will definitely be bringing out my melt pot more often!! I have heard Tim say before to not over think it, ya right who was thinking sure not me!! I was so excited to just be there and taking classes from him I couldn't even concentrate!! Mine got finished when I got home!! lol

My finished project...

Second class on Sat. was Patchwork Pandemonium. Wow, this class was awesome Tim, Mario & Michele go through a lot of prep time for this class!! I couldn't stop working on it after class was over and stayed up until 12:30 putting embellishments on it and got it done other then the frame (which Tim also supplied for us) and finished that at home. So glad I was able to take this class!!

My finished Patchwork Pandemonium...

What an amazing day it was!!

I will post second day of classes tomorrow.

Have a good one!!


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Art Journal

Well I have been doing a little playing with a couple of pages for my art journal. Tried fooling around with gesso & sticky back canvas. They didn't turn out quite how I wanted them to but I tried and they will go in the journal. They do look better in person then in the pic! I have another page I would like to get done before leaving for Kansas on Fri.
I'm so excited for that, I couldn't go on Tim's cruise so I decided to splurge and take all four of his classes at Stampers Ink in Kansas!! I have seen him demo and have done a few of his make & takes but I have never gotten to take a class with him, I'm beyond excited!!
Finally got my shirt done that I made to wear at one of the classes, that was a chore!! Like I said before, me and that Yudu machine do not get along!! It's not perfect but after all that work, I will be wearing it!! lol After the classes I will be headed to my son's and visit with his wife & little boy for a couple of days, excited to see them!! Hoping to get a chance to skype with Shad!!

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!!