Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fall Festival/Layout of Wendy V. & me

I have been busy, busy, busy! I had a garage sale Fri. & Sat. so that kept me pretty busy for a while. Glad it is over, they are a lot of work! On Sat. after the sale we went to Landi's and on Sun. we went to a fall festival, had so much fun! Of course the beautiful weather we had been having had to turn and it was cold, windy & rainy! But we had a good time, so fun watching the kids!

Here is a layout I did with a picture of Wendy V. & myself at CHA Orlando. I used the tags Wendy was demoing and gave to me, one was from CHA Anaheim & the other from CHA Orlando. Added a lot of grunge paper embellishments using Wendy's stamps. Love her stamps!!! I took a copy of the back where she signed it and made a little tag out of it.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Christmas Tag & Calendar

Had a great weekend, babysat Jackson on Fri. night, then back over to Joey's for supper on Sat. night, he makes some awesome BBQ sauce! Canned salsa on Sun. and cleaned and went through stuff getting ready for a garage sale. I even managed to squeeze in some play time, made this christmas tag. So hard to believe it is right around the corner!

And here is a calendar that I started over a month ago and just finished it!  Made with grunge board, grunge paper and Wendy Vecchi's awesome stamps!  I've been loving the color combination of blue & orange lately!

Hoping to start a travel album tonight while watching Dancing with the Stars, woo hoo!  Love that show! 
Headed to Shad's next month so thought I would get a jump start on a travel album. 

Landi & family might come up this weekend, really looking forward to that!  Seems like I can only go a couple of weeks without seeing all of them!  Poor Bridger got stung by a bee on Sat. right on the nose, poor little guys eye is all swollen, I feel so bad for him!  Hope it gets better soon!
Have a good one!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Altered Art

Beautiful Mon. morning here. I'm so grateful that Shad is now home from Iraq and back with his wife & son! I haven't had a chance to talk to him yet as it was late last night when he got home, but looking forward to his phone call today!

I had a productive weekend working on some altered art projects for classes. I guess it pays to babysit grandson until 2:00 in the morning! I love fall with all it's beautiful colors and Halloween is right around the corner. How about a little Boo holiday accordian decor for the season, full of bats, spiders, witches and even a vulture, display on a mantel, end table etc. Again my photography isn't the greatest, I really do need to contact my professional photographer neighbor to take pictures of my projects!

Altered frame with grunge paper rose and a ornate frame with grunge paper rose. Learn how to make these grunge paper rose's, as Wendy would say they are addicting!
These make wonderful gifts for any occasion and Christmas is right around the corner!

If you are interested in doing any of these projects for a class, contact me for info.
Have a good one!

Friday, September 11, 2009

9/11 & Pumpkin Layout

Remembering 9/11/01 today.

Bless those affected by 9/11. And a big thank you to all the soldiers for keeping us safe EVERYDAY and bless you and your families for the sacrifices you endure so we can be safe and FREE! As a mom of a soldier I know about these all to well!

I do have good news though, I just found out yesterday that my son who has been in Iraq for the last year is on his way back to the states and should be back with his wife & son on Sun.! What a relief!!! This is his second time over there so I am so thankful he has made it through it twice! Wish I could be there for the welcome home ceremony on his base but he needs his time alone with his family, I will get to go see him in Oct. can't wait!! It is one thing to know he is safe but it doesn't become real until you see them!

I have been busy working on to many projects at one time!!! I got the Christmas Curio done and have been working on a Christmas album & Halloween album for classes. I need to concentrate on one or the other as I'm not getting either one done!

Here is a layout I did, I made the pumpkin out of grunge paper using Studio 490 stamps! They turn out so cute! Love grunge paper!

Have a good one!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Just had to blog on 09/09/09!
I have been working on a couple of classes, one is at the right called Christmas Curio and the other one is a Christmas album which I hope to get finished by the end of the week.

Went to Landi's over the weekend and had a great time! Always so fun to spend time with them! The boys have grown, Caidin started kindergarten yesterday! Seems like he was just 2, and here Bridger is almost 3. Wow how time flies!

I babysat Jackson all day yesterday, he is so much fun! I will be watching him again on Sat. night. I got a lot of cute pictures yesterday and ones of Landi's boys over the weekend and will post them ASAP. Seem's I have been crazy busy lately!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Have a good one!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sneak Peek

Busy, busy, busy!!! Last week was family time, sister from CA was here, babysitting Jackson and Landi's family was here, Soooooo Nice!!!!!

Lunch with sisters....

Jackson loves shoes.....

Family Picnic in the park.....

Caidin's new puppy Remi.....

Green eyes.....

Sticker head & spaghetti face Bridger, so cute.....

Chirstmas in Sept. Yup, that is what I have been concentrating on, never to early to think of gifts to give! Here is a little peek at one of the projects I have been working on. Photo isn't the greatest, I have a professional photographer that lives behind me, I think I'm going to have to have her come over and take my pictures!!
I have been more in the gathering of supplies mode, I'm not a fan of ordering on line and having to wait until they arrive! I did hit a couple of LSS stores & Hobby Lobby yesterday and scored a few things I can use. A week to late at one of them to pick up some rock candy. Grrrr! Hope to finish the two projects I have been working on this week.

Have a good one!