Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year/CCC#25

Happy New Year Everyone!!

I found a little time the other night to do a tag using Scribble Stain Distress technique out of Tim's book for the CCC#25 on Linda's blog I have done this technique a few times and always get a little to much scribble!! lol

We are having a quiet New Year's Eve & Day snowed in, we have a good old ND blizzard going on and the interstates and roads are all closed! I couldn't get my car out of the garage if I wanted to, we have a 6ft. drift in front of it!! Sunday looks like a dig out day!! YUK, YUK, YUK!!!!
I have gotten a few doubles of things Tim's die cuts, so come back and visit my blog next week for a little giveaway.
Hope everyones new year will be wonderful!!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Tag #7

I got one more tag done, tag#7! I have to admit this one gave me a little trouble!! I got a little to much green on the tag, but hey it's Christmas right and the poinsettia was harder to put together then I expected, I didn't leave enough space in the center to use the button I wanted to use but made this one work. I haven't had much time lately so I have been rushing threw them so hopefully after Christmas I can concentrate on them. First a few projects for classes at work!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tag #5 & 12

I managed to get a couple more tags done, I actually started #5 before the other two I posted, slow or what!!! lol For #5 I didn't have any green crackle paint so I used peeled paint distress ink then went over it with rock candy crackle. I got it on a little thick and it really picked it up in the picture, it really isn't that bad in person. I don't have any sparkly fluff so put stickles on Santa's hat as it looks like it has holly around it to me. I also didn't have Tim's numbers, well I have them but must have used all of the 2's & 5's so these metal numbers were a lot smaller and a lot harder to work with! I also don't have any white utee so I just used clear on it. What a fun technique though!!

Love tag #12, the movers & shapers are so fun to work with!! After I put my rock candy crackle paint on I thought you could heat it but oh it started looking funny so stopped, thank goodness or it would have really been messed up!! And of course the pic really picked it up!! Darn camera's magnifying all my mistakes!!!! And now that it is so cold & snowy out I can't take the pics outdoors anymore and I just can't get the lighting right taking them indoors!! Spring hurry up and get here!!! lol I don't have Tim's December stamp but I had picked up these cool Tim ATC stamps at Michaels the other day, didn't even know about them!! It was just a part of the stamp so it is smaller so I had to put some cardstock behind it. These stamps were just hanging on the side of an end cap, I almost missed them!!! Our Michaels carries very little of Tim's stuff so I was quite surprised when I seen them!! And I got them for $4.79 a piece, wow I was excited!!
I'm still hoping to at least finish one more tag before Christmas the poinsettia one, it looks so pretty!! The rest of the tags just might have to wait until after Christmas.

Have a good one everyone!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

12 Days of Christmas Tags #9 & 10

Finally had a little chance to play over the weekend and got Tag 9 & 10 done.
I did them pretty much the same as Tim, I was a little rushed so not perfect but will do and the main thing was to try the technique & ideas. I really liked coloring your own ribbon and what a cool idea of using the packaging on tag 10!! I plan to keep plunking away at getting all 12 done!!
What a wonderful 12 Tags of Christmas it was, loved all of the tags Tim made!! It amazes me that he takes time out of his busy schedule to do this for everyone, what a generous guy!! And the BTS on Twitter from Mario was great, another generous guy!! Wish them both the best Holiday Season!!

Have a good one!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Double Distress/12 Tags of Christmas

Oh Yi Yi, will someone please slow my days down!! Between Christmas, Work & DH's retirement (lots & lots of forms to fill out) the days are going by way to fast!! I do have most of my Christmas shopping done and the tree is up so I guess I might be a little ahead of the game for Christmas. I think this is the earliest I've ever gotten most of the shopping done!! I'm not baking this year (so I say) so that will help! I did get this card done for the CCC where the challenge was Double Distress on Linda's blog but never had time to upload it. geeezzz This technique is a lot of fun!

When the challenge was first posted I wanted to make some flowers for something I'm decorating so I had tried these out, they didn't turn out quite how I wanted them but I'm sure I will find something to use them on.

Aren't you just loving the 12 Tags of Christmas on Tim's blog, all the tags have been fantastic so far!! The man drips with creativity!! And must never sleep, wish I could hang in there one night and see it right away when it is finished but that would mean about 3 in the morning for me, no can do!! I haven't had much time to play but did get day 4 done. I didn't have any facets so I used a fragment instead, this technique was trickier then I thought it would be, I will definitely have to practice some more on this one!!
I have seen some of the tags everyone has done and they all have been awesome, love how some of you are putting your own spin on them!! Looking forward to the next tag!!
Have a good one!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Chirstmas Pennant Swap

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! We had a very nice Thanksgiving, my son Joey had Thanksgiving dinner at his house so all I had to do was make the scalloped corn, boy that was nice!! Landi left her boys here with us until Sun. so I was busy, busy, busy!!! They keep you on your toes from morning until night!! Fun to have around though, and poor Maddie today is lost without them, all she wants me to do is hold her! I did get my pennants done for the 2010 Christmas Pennant Swap on ATT and got them in the mail. Caidin & I were up early on Sat. morning so before Bridger woke up I got Caidin busy doing a project and I got them finished, I was getting a little worried I wouldn't get them done on time, whew!! So here is what I did with them, I didn't make any holes so that people can hang them the way they want. I wish I would have taken a picture of all 11 of them together!

So here is a pic of the little rug rats I watched all weekend, so cute!! And they made their grannie go out in freezing weather!!! Needless to say I didn't last very long!!
And they helped me decorate the tree, Bridger liked putting everything in one spot, I'm doing a little re-arranging today! lol
I'm also playing with this today the VAGABOND, I had a weak moment one night and ordered it. Another die cutting machine is really the last thing I needed!! But WOW am I ever glad I did, my goodness it cuts like butter and the machine is so quite, I'm in love!!! A great deal from Eclectic Paperie and they threw in a few goodies to boot!! Great place to order from!! Thank you Eclectic Paperie!!

Stormy weather her again today, internet connection keeps going in and out, it has taken me most of the day to post this! grrrrrr!!!!
Thanks everyone for all the nice comments!! Have a good one everyone!!

Friday, November 19, 2010


I haven't been able to participate in the challenges for a couple of weeks on Linda's blog
or on SSSS It's been super crazy here at home & at work and have had no time to be creative. So I took a little time last night and made this card using the Alcohol Ink Spatter technique which you need to get Tim's book A Compendium of Curiosities and find out how it is done.
It was a little more challenging then I thought it would be, after a couple of tries I called it good. And yes I stamped the post card crooked, no time to do over!!
I have been working on my pendants for the Christmas Pendant swap on ATT group when I get a chance, hope to have them done and in the mail next week and I'll post a picture. Here is my entry for both challenges...

Have a good one!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Shopping Spree/Halloween

No creative time for me lately!! grrrrr!! I feel so bad I wasn't able to take part in the challenges on CCC & SSSS last week, hopefully this week!! I did start working on my Christmas Banners for a banner swap on ATT group over the weekend, turning out pretty cool I will see if I can get a sneak peek out in the next few days. I had a super tough week last week, lot's of things going on so I headed out Sat. morning to the nearest LSS which is 70 miles away, hey when you need some retail therapy especially when you know they just got in a lot of Tim stuff ya gotta do what you gotta do!! lol Being I did have such a tough week, I went a little over board!! But it was so nice that they have finally gotten in some of Tim's stuff and I don't have to order it on line!! Plus after spending so much I got my punch card filled up so just had to go pick up something else and get $15.00 off, I chose Tim's Tag & Bookplates die cut, Woo Hoo!! Ahhh, some retail therapy does wonders, I had a much better weekend and hope this week goes better!! Here's a pic of my stash from my little shopping spree.....

I got the chance to go trick or treating with Landi & family again this year, super fun!! The boys are so cute!!

Caidin was a construction worker and Bridger was a monkey(which he is)!!

Pretty happy campers by the end of the night!!
Have a good one!

Monday, October 25, 2010


Last week on Linda's blog I won two of Tim's die cuts and they came in the mail today. Woo Hoo I thought I was excited when I found out I won them, but boy I was excited when I got my hands on them!!

Luckily I was off today so had a chance to play with them a little bit and made this tag for this weeks challenge Extreme Masking, I have done the masking before but not the second step in the book, pretty cool!! I will also be using the tag for the challenge on SSSS

Thanks again to Linda & Simon Says for the die cuts, love them!!!
Thanks to everyone for all your nice comments!!
Have a good one!

Saturday, October 23, 2010


The challenge this week for CCC#18 on Linda's blog is Dabber Resist. Boy do I need to practice this technique!! This was my fourth try and I called it good. I wanted to use the chandelier stamp that I had gotten when I went to ScrapFest, I really can't believe I haven't used it until now!! The technique is interesting and maybe if I would have used a different stamp it might have worked better, who knows!! It is always fun trying something new! On last weeks challenge my name was drawn, Woo Hoo what a way to start on a Mon. I was flying high all day!!! I won two of Tim's new die cuts, the leaf one and the witch, the die cuts were donated by Simon Says Stamp I can't wait until they arrive and I can start playing with them!! Thank you to Linda & Simon Says Stamp!!!

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Chunky ATC

I finally got my Chunky ATC's done for the swap on EWV yahoo group. I didn't really know what I was doing here as I have never done any before, heck I have never done an ATC before!! I had seen others do them and thought they looked like fun and they were so much fun!! I will be doing more!! I used all Wendy Vecchi stamps and used Tim's rosette die cut for the top. I will also be using this for my entry this week on SSSS


Have a good one!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Chunky ATC

I participated in a Chunky ATC Mingle over on Everything Wendy Vecchi yahoo group. The other day I showed you the Chunky ATC I received from Debby, now here is the one I received from Lori Hassler, isn't it awesome!! I just love it!!! Thank you Lori!!


I finally got mine finished and they went postal today!! Yay, I made the deadline!!
I was a little worried there for awhile, life sometimes gets in the way of things!
I will post mine in a couple of days.
Have a good one!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Tim Holtz Necklace

Here is my entry for CCC#17 on Linda's blog

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Chunky ATC

No creative time for me lately, but look what I received in the mail the other day from Debby Podgorski. We are in a Chunky ATC swap on Everything Wendy Vecchi yahoo group and of course they were to be made Wendy Vecchi style. Didn't Debby do a fantastic job, I just love it!! Thank you Debby!!!


I'm getting a little panicky here, I still need to finish mine!!! Hopefully next week I can get them done and in the mail!!
Have a good one!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Altered Domino

As you can tell I have been trying to change the header of my blog, I decided I needed to change the picture, for the life of me I can not get it to shrink down a little! I bet I spent half the day Mon. fooling with it, I finally gave up and left it as is, it looks a little funny but will have to do for now!! I think I will just have to take another pic of it and try re-load it.

I joined the Altered Domino Pin Swap at ATT yahoo group and here are the ones I made to swap. I had a lot of fun making these, I will defiantly have to alter some more domino's, thinking Christmas here!! I'm going to my daughter Landi's house this weekend and she wanted to do some and maybe make a necklace so I plan on bringing some domino's to her house and play a little (that's if the boys will let us)! lol Then I better get busy and get my chunky ATC's done for the swap on EWV yahoo group, I've started them just need to finish!!

Have a good one!!

Thursday, September 30, 2010


Not much time for me this week, we have been doing inventory where I work part time!! Wow, what a job that was!!
The challenge this week on SSSS is Show your Distressed/Sanded Projects. I made this tag first for the challenge it's OK but not real crazy about it. I sanded the edges and distressed them with black soot.
So I thought of this one about 2:00 in the morning, I wanted to get up and just make it but I was good and waited until this morning. lol I used Tim's rosette die again and made a fan, man I love that die cut!! I sanded and inked the frame I used black soot & brushed corduroy distress inks on it. I used spun sugar for the heart and applied rock candy stickles on it. I used black soot along the edge of the fan. The sanding doesn't show up real well in the pic, but it is there!!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


For the CCC this week is Wrinkle Free Distress.
I just had to use the rosette die again and made this Halloween Tag!! I used Rusty Hinge & Wild Honey Distress Inks. There is black soot distress stickles on the cat & skull areas but it's not really showing up in the pic.
I was asked what alcohol inks I used on the mirror, I tell you I just kept adding and adding until I was satisfied with it, if I remember right here are the colors I used...Terra Cotta, Rust, Caramel, Latte, Espresso & Gold Mixative.

To all of you that are going on the Cruise with Tim & Mario, have the time of your life!! Looking forward to hearing all about it when you all get back!!
Thank you all again for the wonderful comments!!
Have a good one!

Saturday, September 25, 2010


The challenge this week on CCC is Alcohol Ink Agate on Grunge and the challenge on SSSS is Show your Grunge, so I'm submitting the same project for both.
I made a frame for a little mirror, you really can't see that it is a mirror but the middle really is a mirror!! I waited until this morning to take the picture for better lighting, ya right FOG!!! So I had to play with the lighting a little bit so you really can't see the mirror part. I cut the frame out of GB and I did the Alcohol Ink on Grunge technique on it, that was a really a cool technique!! I will have to use that one again!! You have to get Tim's book to see how it is done! The rose is out of GP, I used Rusty Hinge distress ink first then I tryed Tim's technique of inking the inside of his embossing folder then running it through the embosser, I used mustard seed distress ink for that. Wow I liked that, it gave it a cool effect to it!! Lovin these challenges, it's fun to try things I have never tryed before!!

I'm headed to my daughters this morning to watch the boys while they go to a wedding, looking forward to spending the time with the boys!!
Thanks again everyone for all the nice comments!!
Have a good weekend!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Art Parts/Rosette Die Cut

ScrapFest was fun but the fun continued at my daughters house. We went shopping at the LSS, Hobby Lobby & Michaels, as if we hadn't done enough damage at Archiver's!! Then we went for a hay ride and the kids had so much fun!! We all did!!
We made some Halloween decorations with the boys, this is Bridger with his
haunted house he made. Never got a pic of Caidin's, next time!
And my daughter worked on some cute fall decor, I should have taken a pic it was so cute!! So that got me in the mood to make something for fall, it is defiantly fall weather here!! Plus I had scored that wonderful Rosette Die of Tim's so just had to use it. I had visited Wendy's blog and she had done these cool leaves with her new plastic, so I found some stuff I have had for awhile, don't know where I got it or what it is called but it worked great for making the leaves. I used Wendy's Art Parts and made this little wall hanging. It looks a little crooked in the pic but it really isn't must be my wonderful photography skills again!! lol Like I've said, these Art Parts are fun to work with!!

Thanks again everyone for all your nice comments!!
Have a good one!!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Quick little recap of ScrapFest...
I had a fantastic weekend!! My daughter and I took off from her house EARLY Fri. morning and headed to ScrapFest at MOA. It was fun just to be able to spend the day with her without any husbands & kids around and just hang out!! We had to come back again Fri. night but that was OK, it's pretty crazy there!! Had a really great time!!

Tim is always so generous with his time and letting everyone take pics with him.

We got to watch Tim demo and that is always awesome!!

I even got Mario to pose for me!! Those guys are the best!!
We took a class with Deena Ziegler, Sizzix Bird Cage Hanger & Chipboard,
which was fun!!

And of course we did some shopping at Archiver's, actually not some A LOT!! lol
I thought they would have had more of Tim's new releases from summer CHA but not much, so a little disappointed!! But on Sat. we went to my daughters LSS and I scored Tim's Rosette die cut, so I was excited about that!! I've been playing with it and should have a project to post tomorrow using that and more of Wendy's Art Parts.
Lots of lines!!!
Oh, and on the way home we were only about 5 to 10 miles from my daughters house and we seen something in the ditch from the backside and I thought it was a deer and my daughter thought it was a horse. Then it turned it's head and OMG we both squealed, it was the biggest Moose we have ever seen, the rack on that thing was Ginormous!!! Thank god it did not come out of the ditch or we would have collided for sure!! And I think the moose would have won!!
Have a good one everyone!