Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Altered Domino

As you can tell I have been trying to change the header of my blog, I decided I needed to change the picture, for the life of me I can not get it to shrink down a little! I bet I spent half the day Mon. fooling with it, I finally gave up and left it as is, it looks a little funny but will have to do for now!! I think I will just have to take another pic of it and try re-load it.

I joined the Altered Domino Pin Swap at ATT yahoo group and here are the ones I made to swap. I had a lot of fun making these, I will defiantly have to alter some more domino's, thinking Christmas here!! I'm going to my daughter Landi's house this weekend and she wanted to do some and maybe make a necklace so I plan on bringing some domino's to her house and play a little (that's if the boys will let us)! lol Then I better get busy and get my chunky ATC's done for the swap on EWV yahoo group, I've started them just need to finish!!

Have a good one!!

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