Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tim Holtz Classes at Stampers Ink

Finally getting a chance to blog about my amazing journey to Stampers Ink in Kansas to attend Tim Holtz classes. Actually the car ride down there & back wasn't so amazing, detours around Omaha & Sioux City were horrible very poorly marked! Took me out in the boonies somewhere in Iowa, but I did see some beautiful countryside!! The flooding around both cities is horrible, I feel so bad for everyone dealing with the flooding, my heart goes out to you!! This is a pic of a roller coaster road I was on!!

But I did make it in time to attend the reception Fri. night at Stampers Ink. What a wonderful store, and yes I did my fare share of $ damage there!!

Waiting in line to get in on Sat. morning...

I had Tim sign the shirt I had made on my Yudu and my art journal that I have been working on.

We were to make a scrapbook page for Tim and the scrapbook was presented to Tim on Sat. I had forgotten to take a pic of it before I left so this was taken on the hotel room floor!

Tim & Mario are so generous with their time, Great evening!!

First class Sat. morning was Creative Blocks where we worked with canvas, beeswax, tissue tape & embellishments. So much fun, I will definitely be bringing out my melt pot more often!! I have heard Tim say before to not over think it, ya right who was thinking sure not me!! I was so excited to just be there and taking classes from him I couldn't even concentrate!! Mine got finished when I got home!! lol

My finished project...

Second class on Sat. was Patchwork Pandemonium. Wow, this class was awesome Tim, Mario & Michele go through a lot of prep time for this class!! I couldn't stop working on it after class was over and stayed up until 12:30 putting embellishments on it and got it done other then the frame (which Tim also supplied for us) and finished that at home. So glad I was able to take this class!!

My finished Patchwork Pandemonium...

What an amazing day it was!!

I will post second day of classes tomorrow.

Have a good one!!



  1. Hi Donna!!!!! Love both your finished projects!!! It was sooooooo great to meet you and get some time to visit!!! ((HUGS))

  2. Hey Donna...your blog post is awesome! Makes me want to go back and do it all over again! Your finished projects turned out amazing! Wow! Love them both!!! <3 Candy