Tuesday, December 13, 2011

12 Tags of Christmas

Hey everyone, how's everyone doing this busy holiday season? Thanks so much for the nice comments, always appreciated!!
Well I didn't do such a great job in keeping up with Tim Holtz 12 Tags of Christmas, maybe next year!!lol I've gotten tag 1,2,3 & 4 done and I'm skipping 5,6,&7 for now and I'm working on #8, loved the glassine so have to try it!! I'm going to try do them all so I can try some of the techniques. So far I've done them pretty much like Tim's (his always looks better though) lol, so hopefully on some of them I will add my own spin to them. So glad he does this every year, it is so much fun!! Just wish I had more time, wonder if my boss would let me take those days off next year!! haha, if that is going to happen!! The BTS that Mario does was great fun!! To bad they had to have so much trouble with their internet!
So here are the tags I've gotten done, hope to post a couple more by the end of the week. I still have a project to finish that got put on hold the last couple of weeks, hopefully I can get that finished also and post soon.


Tag #3

Tag #4

Have a good one!!



  1. Well, lookit chu! Doin' tags! lol! They are wonderful! Couldn't tell yours from Tim's! That's how good they are...just sayin'