Monday, January 2, 2012


I have been pretty silent about this subject as not to endanger my son who has been in Afghanistan since last spring for fear of giving out any information or anything. He has been in a real dangerous area of Afghanistan for the last 3 months, going out on a lot of missions, living out of his humvee and being fired upon every day!! I've been kinda just holding my breath!! But I found out tonight he has left the country and is en route home!! Yipppeee!!! I'm so excited right now I think I'm about to jump out of my skin!! He should be back home with his wife & little boy tomorrow!! I am so Thankful!! He has been in the service for 22 years now and he is talking about retiring next year, I will be celebrating that day for sure!!

Peace everyone!!

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  1. Hooray on your son coming home. Please thank him for his years of service helping to keep all of us free.