Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Well no creative things to show today. I'm working on a couple of things but didn't have everything I needed and couldn't find it locally, so had to resort to ordering on line. Bummer!!! Won't be in until Fri. So frustrating!

Check out Tim's blog today, he has a video of using rock candy! Need to get some of that!

My sister is coming from CA today, hopefully family picnic on Sat. Can't wait to see her! Should be fun and I'm sure I will fill up my camera again! lol I'm known to my kids & grandkids as grannie flash! What can I say, can't help it!

It's going to be a beautiful day out today, so hope to spend some time outdoors. Should clean my craft room but oh well we don't get that many nice days so we need to take advantage of them when we can!

Here is a few photos of two of my grandkids from the last time they were here. They are so much fun! They all will be coming this weekend, the guys are taking Caidin fishing on Sun. Hope they get some great pictures!

Have a good one!

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