Monday, November 2, 2009


This might get a little long, I had such a great weekend need to post it!
Fri. 10/30/09 met my daughter for lunch around 12:30, after lunch we proceeded to go shopping. We hit JoAnn's, Hobby Lobby, 2 scrapbook stores, Target, Wal-Mart, and a grocery store and made it to her house 1/2 hour away by 5:30. Yes we were power shopping!!!! Nothing like going into scrapbook stores to get your creative juices going!! And when we pulled in her driveway this is what greeted us.....

Her oldest boy Caidin got sick in the middle of the night and still wasn't feeling good Sat. morning, we thought there would be no trick or treating, but by Sat. afternoon he was feeling just fine! Thank goodness! Then when we started getting ready to go trick or treating her youngest son Bridger decided he didn't want to go and wouldn't put on his costume, we finally left with him crying and still no costume on! Finally when he seen all the other kids he cooperated and by the second house he was into it! By the way, he loves candy!!! So after not starting Halloween to good everyone had a great time trick or treating! My first time being able to go with the kids, so for me it was a blast!!

Landi & Chad had a Halloween party to go to later that evening, bring on the peace!!!!!
What a great Halloween!!!!
And I did come home and got the creative juices going! I started a layout with a picture from CHA of Tim Holtz & I, using a lot of grunge and ideaology pieces. I had hoped to have it finished this morning but not happening! I should get it done today and post it tomorrow morning.
Have a good one!

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