Saturday, February 6, 2010

GP Gift Card Holder

What a week I have put in!! Being a nurse/maid is not fun!! Bob is doing better each day and is getting a little less needy! Thank Goodness!! To keep my sanity I tryed to craft whenever I could, very interrupted time but got a few things done. I pop on and off the computer when I can and have seen a lot of creativity on many blogs. And hearing and seeing things from CHA has been great! I definitely need to attend the next one!! I tryed my hand at Eileen Bellomo's GP business card holder/gift card holder. I love green and blue together but this didn't turn out the greatest, will have to try some more and make a few to keep on hand for gift giving. Check out Eileen's blog very creative lady!

Then I fought with my yudu machine and got 4 shirts done for the grandson's. I have the hardest time with that emulsion!! But they turned out pretty good for my first time.

I had my 2 year old grandson Jackson here for 4 days while his mom & dad were out of town. Took these pictures of him and had to scrap them. He is so much fun!!

Have a good one everyone!


  1. I really like your gift card holder! And the layout. I couldn't make a shirt if my life depending on it.

  2. I think your gift card holder looks fabulous! And your layouts are really beyond beautiful.

  3. What a beautiful holder, Donna! I just love the colors, and the rose, well, just an awesome job! Isn't that Eileen a genius??? I need to make one of those one of these days...... and your layouts are, as usual, spectacular.

  4. Donna, the gc holder came out perfect! I've got to try one of those.

  5. You did a beautiful job on Eileen's gift card holder! Very impressive.

  6. What a beautiful card holder! Makes me think of Spring! It's just lovely. Thanks for the inspiration ;o)
    Hugs, Julie A

  7. Lovely card holder, I had to read the rest of your blog...keep up the great work!