Sunday, June 27, 2010


Hope everyone had a nice weekend!! I had the day to myself yesterday so did a little playing with something new, I wanted to do one of these totes for a friend but I plan on using pictures on it. I thought I better do a practice one, so I did this one but with no pictures. Just wanted to see how it painted up etc. I really wanted to stamp on it but I was afraid I might ruin it. I started out with a plain Donna Downey tote, wow it is a lot bigger then I thought!!

I set it on a small dress form I have (hope to get that decorated some day) and started to paint, I used watered down acrylic paint and it went on really nice.

The green I used was a little brighter then I wanted...

But for a first, it didn't turn out to bad. Decorated it with Prima flowers and rhinestones.

Now to tackle the other one, hope what I plan on doing with it will work out! I would love to do one of her camera bags but it is a little spendy!!

Have a good one!!



  1. It's nice and bright, but the colors go really well together, a nice summer bag! Love it, Donna!