Sunday, April 1, 2012

Creative Chemistry 101

Feeling good today!! I had the day to myself yesterday and started working on my class projects for Creative Chemistry 101. I ended up working on them ALL day, seriously started around 8:00 am and finished around 9:00 pm. Once I started working on them I couldn't quit, it was so much fun to try all of the techniques! The class was outstanding, I learned so much! The other day a customer came in the store and was asking about the difference between some of the products distress ink, spray wash, alcohol ink etc. I couldn't believe what was flying out of my mouth, I shocked myself that I actually new what I was talking about!! lol The customer bought one distress ink pad and a blending tool. The next day the customer came back in and had loved the distress ink and bought a few more of them and some spray wash. So this class not only helped me learn the difference of the different products for myself but it has helped in selling the product also!! Love it!! So a big thank you to Tim Holtz for doing this online class, it was the most informative class I have ever taken, THANK YOU!! Thank you to Mario to for all the BTS, you're the best!!
So here are my tags I made, I showed day 2 & 5 previously. Some of them turned out ok some not, some of them do look better in person you know my great photography skills!! lol

Day 3

Day 4

Day 6

Day 7

Day 8

Day 9

Day 10

Have a good one!!



  1. you are on a major inky roll! These are all fabulous...I've still got a few to do...

  2. Yay for you!!!! I signed up for the class but haven't managed to watch a single video yet :-(( Knowing they would always be available is why I even signed up as I knew things were too crazy around here!!!

  3. Nice work! Wasn't the class fun? I really like your Day 4 tags.