Saturday, January 23, 2010

Grunge Paper Rose Frame

What a world win of a couple months I have had!!! Christmas, bad weather, new job, now husband Bob had to have triple by-pass surgery last Wed. This was his 3rd open heart surgery! He is still in the critical care unit but is doing pretty good. So most of my time since Wed. has been spent at the hospital, man that tires me out more then working all day!!! Due to bad weather I'm home early today and it feels pretty good! I know he is in good hands so I'm going to enjoy being home and not just sitting around at the hospital.

Here is what I made with my twist on the grunge paper roses, we are doing a class making them in March. Looks a lot better in person, they turned out really pretty.

It has been raining here then snowing then more rain & snow, roads going into town today were awful, I had to putz down the road going 20-25 miles an hour!! Made it to my grandsons birthday party and up to the hospital to see DH. Plows finally came out so coming home wasn't so bad, thank goodness!!! Here is a couple pictures from the BD Party..

And here is a couple pictures of some winter fun from a couple of weeks ago at Landi's. Chad was pulling the boys around with his snowmobile. The boys were having a ball!!!

Thank goodness for those grandson's of mine, always a good time!!!

Have a good one everyone!!



  1. That frame is gorgeous!!!! I'm sorry about your husband but am glad he's doing well. Yes, things like that are very tiring. Your grandson is a cutie!!!

  2. Donna, I'm on the ATT yahoo group with you. I want to send prayers for your husband and hope he is doing well. It bought to mind 2 years ago when my husband had to have a kidney removed. The doctor made a mistake and we ended up staying in the hospital for 5 weeks. I totally understand what you are going through. My husband was so critical that I stayed at the hospital every night except for a few. I love your flowers and will try to make some myself. The frame is totally beautiful. I am in awe of all of you in the group and hope one day I will have the same talent. Take care,
    Sharon C.

  3. Adorable boys! Hope your hubby is feeling better soon.

  4. Your grunge Roses in the frame are beautiful! Glad to hear that your husband is doing well and you are right - nothing makes you more tired than being in the hospital all day!

  5. Your frame is just drop dead gorgeous Donna! Those roses are so elegant with that frame! or without! lol. Hope your husband is doing well, and you take care of yourself, too! Enjoy those kids!