Wednesday, January 6, 2010


MIA here or what!!! Between Christmas, company & being sick I haven't done anymore then I had to!! I have had a cold since before Christmas and just doesn't want to go away, at least the fever & body aches are gone! Our Christmas was very different this year, because of the storm coming in we ended up having our Christmas Eve on Wed. night as two of kids had to get elsewhere. What fun with all 4 grandsons together!! Then we got stormed in for 2 1/2 days!!!! Couldn't get where we were going to go on Christmas day so luckily I had taken out a turkey out of the freezer on Thurs. just in case so at least we had a good dinner on Fri.!! I felt so bad for Shad & family as they wanted to do a few things and see people, all they got was stuck in the house with mom & dad!! We did get dug out on Sun. and had a belated Christmas dinner etc. at SIL which was very nice! Thank goodness Shad was here as he helped us out a lot getting dug out!!! I didn't get any Christmas cards sent this year (sorry) but loved all the ones I received Thank you! I lucked out with presents this year and received a ton of scrapbook paper, 3 sets of Wendy Vecchi's stamps & a Yudu!!! I haven't had time to play with that yet but hope to soon!

Here is a layout I did with some of my new paper and I tryed out my i-top, fun!! I covered the brads with rock candy stickles, love that stuff!!

I have been working part time at the Arts & Crafts at the base, very interesting and learning how to engrave & frame! I will be heading up a few classes so I have been working on that when I can. Here is a pic of one of the classes we will be doing, a covered picture frame with grunge paper roses, the roses are so fun to make! If anyone has some ideas for classes I would love to here them!

Hope to play with my yudu today so hopefully post some projects in the next few days. Have a good one everyone!!


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  1. Love both the layout and the frame, Donna! Really beautiful pieces! Yep, we're looking at more snow here in Illinois tonight and tomorrow, WITH the wind. Should be fun!! Not.