Monday, February 7, 2011

CHA Winter 2011

Hey Everyone,
Sure feels good to finally be home from CA, but I'm really missing the warm weather!! We have about -13 degrees here with a high expected today of -1, whoopee!! Me & the snowblower have a date later today, high winds yesterday blew in the driveway & sidewalk again!! YUK!!

Where to begin with was amazing!! So much excitement and so much to see!! Loved it!! My days started at 5:00am and didn't end until midnight or later. My boss signed me up for lot's of classes, most of them starting at 7:00am and last one's went until 9:00pm. I took so many classes I'm not sure what I learned where and hoping I can remember some of it!! lol
Long days, lot's of walking and sore, sore feet & legs!! But so worth it!!

My first day Fri. I took a copic certification class with Jennie Black, great class & she is a fantastic teacher!! I didn't get a chance to hang out around the Ranger & Tim's Ideaology booths as much as I would have liked but managed to get a few pics. Tim's Ideaology booth was awesome!! Totally love Tim's & Wendy's new releases and after seeing in person, I want it all!!
So here are some pics from the show, I have more so will have to do another post this week.

Jennie Black showing us some tricks in the copic class...

I wanted to take this guy home...
Sizzix Booth...

Tim demoing...
Aren't these dresses awesome, all made out of paper!!
Can't imagine all the work that went into these!!

A little light show one night...

Some of Wendy's samples...

Tim's Ideaology Booth...

I will try and post some more pics and the rest of my trip sometime this week.
Have a good one!!


  1. Sounds like you were a busy gal! Where do you work? I want your boss!!! lol

  2. Great stuff Donna. Glad you learned a lot. What a fun time to be able to go. Wanted to thank you again for the die and to let you know it got here OK. I love all the samples in the booths.

  3. Shows are so exhausting. BTW if you could have had soar feet you would have been zooming around easily with no pain. I think you had sore feet.

  4. Love all your pics, Donna, looks like so much fun! And so much inspiration overload! lol!

  5. Hello Donna,

    what a lucky woman you were : a boss that sends you to take so many workshops !!

    Can you show some of the projects you made there ?
    I can imagine you are sometimes overwhelmed by everything you see, but I hope the photos are a help to keep everything reminded !

    greetings from belgium