Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Trinket Boxes

Michael's has these cute little wood boxes for $1.00! I have done some before if you search my blog for wallet/coupon holder & eye glass holder you will see the other ones I have done. I tried to copy and paste the photo here but didn't work, if any one knows how to do that I would appreciate any help!! I have made these for gifts etc., and I have done a few classes with them. When I went to Michael's the other day they had a different shape wood box and this is what I did with them. The Easter one I was going to put a little decorated egg on top but decided I liked it just the way it was, can't cover up that cool Tim H. seasonal paper!! lol

I'm off this afternoon to my daughters then in the morning we take off for our scrapbooking weekend, can't wait!! I have so much stuff I'm bringing, and today I'm stopping off at a scrapbook store on my way to my daughters, as if I need anymore!! But should be fun!!
Thank you all for the nice comments!! I appreciate them!!
Have a good one!!

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  1. Wow! Gorgeous little boxes, Donna! Love the Easter one, that paper is fabulous!