Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Engraved Grunge Board

Long time no see!! Geezzzz, May was super busy for me, family obligations etc.

Shad & family made a quick trip up here for Memorial Day Weekend from Kansas, so Landi & boys came up to. Joey had us all over to his house for a BBQ on Sat. everyone had a good time especially the kids, it was 92 degrees out and very humid so the boys had a lot of fun in the pool, it doesn't happen very often that I have all 4 grandsons in the same place so it was special, here are a few pics.....

I started this project before everyone came, finally got it done!
We do framing where I work so there is always scraps of matt board around. One day when I went into work my boss had cut out a couple 5x7 pieces and had some metal corners and a nifty little machine to put the corners on with. She asked if I could come up with something with it to do a class on, OH YEAH the wheels started turning (I think I scare her sometimes)! lol
So I put the corners on the matt board with the cool machine (can't remember the name of it) and brought the pieces home to start playing. Tim had posted a cool album on his blog which I really liked so I did the front cover kinda like that.

The inside of the cover I did this.....

Is this to cool or what, I engraved on grunge board!!! It also works on grunge paper! I wasn't sure if it was going to work but it worked just great!!! I didn't want to stamp the letters on the sign (I wouldn't have gotten them straight) and didn't want to cut letters on the cricut and I didn't have any small enough letters so the engraving worked out perfectly! Wheels are turning again on something else to make and engrave on the grunge board & paper. So excited it worked!!! I got the embossing folders just in time to try it on this piece, love them!! The album class will be June 23rd, come join me!

Have a good one!!



  1. Very cool, Donna, what did you use to engrave with? Looks awesome!

  2. Stunning! What a cool idea!

  3. This is so very cool! Thank you for sharing. Would you mind sharing which embossing powder you used?

  4. Love this idea... what did you use to engrave with?

  5. Thanks everyone!
    We have an engraver where I work, I wasn't sure it would work on GB/GP but worked out great!! It might work with a hand engraver.