Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Just had to blog on 09/09/09!
I have been working on a couple of classes, one is at the right called Christmas Curio and the other one is a Christmas album which I hope to get finished by the end of the week.

Went to Landi's over the weekend and had a great time! Always so fun to spend time with them! The boys have grown, Caidin started kindergarten yesterday! Seems like he was just 2, and here Bridger is almost 3. Wow how time flies!

I babysat Jackson all day yesterday, he is so much fun! I will be watching him again on Sat. night. I got a lot of cute pictures yesterday and ones of Landi's boys over the weekend and will post them ASAP. Seem's I have been crazy busy lately!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Have a good one!

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